Cities - People - Places

6th International Conference on Cities, People and Places (ICCPP-2018)

Socializing Cities:

Creating people-centered streets and places

October 05–07, 2018

Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka


The Department of Architecture of the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka in collaboration with its international and national academic partners is proud to announce the sixth International Urban Design Conference on Cities, People & Places, will be held from October 05 to 06, 2018, at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Needless to say, cities are of the people and for the people. Although ideally, they must be also be by the people, it is almost always not so. More often than not, cities are made by others despite the fact that the origins of them must have been small settlements initiated by people themselves. However, as the settlements grow and populations increase transforming such habitats to cities, they come to be transformed, conceptualized and even ‘owned’ by others; professionals and administrators. Today, a city cannot be transformed by anyone unless sanctioned by the city ‘authorities’. In other words, people living in cities are controlled and managed by such powers who have the authority to decide upon the nature of its spaces and places.

There is certainly a justifiable reason for this state of affairs. Argument is that although a city is a huge agglomeration of people in spaces in which they have one to one relationships, no single individual is capable of understanding and acting upon the collectivity of the larger space, which is the city. By extension, no individual is in fact entitled to change even the smallest of that entity because those changes taken collectively may have larger ramifications to the entirety of the population and the city. Like the air one breathes, although is one’s own, the pollutants one may add to the air will spoil the atmosphere of all and hence, small actions and large volumes are interrelated and interdependent.

While this argument is valid, the ramifications of this attitude is also seriously problematic to the city. Most cities are occupied and lived-in by people, who do not feel that they can possess any ‘space’ or ‘thing’ in the city, including one’s own home. It is said that a city is comprised of ‘strangers’ who inhabit it in close proximity to each other. People living in cities know very few others and encounter numerous ‘unknown others’ on a daily basis. Thus to come together as a group, a society, and a people is often difficult. This is aggravated also by the fact that a city’s spaces are also created, modified and owned by others: authorities, who do not know the citizens close enough to understand their needs, aspirations and nuances of behaviours.   More ......



‘Cities People Places’ Journal is the official journal associated with the ‘Cities People & Places’ (ICCPP) Annual Conference being organized by the Department of Architecture of the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

This will be an ISSN numbered bi-annual web based journal published in the months of April and October. The selected papers on the theme of this conference will be accepted for this journal. The selected papers improved after the conference comments and submitted as re-orientated fresh papers to CPP Journal will be published after going through the journal review process.  

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  • Archt. Plnr. Dr. Janaka Wijesundara, (Conference Chair), Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa

  • Archt. Dr. Upendra Rajapakshe, Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa

  • Archt. Dr. Gamini Weerasinghe, Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa

  • Archt. Prof. Samitha Manawadu, Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa

  • Archt. D.P. Chandrasekara, Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa




Prof. Ali Madanipur, University of Newcastle, UK

Prof. Kim Dovey, University of Melbourne, Australia

Prof. Chye Kiang Heng, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Prof. Murray Fraser, Bartlett School of Architecture, UK

Prof. Ranjith Dayarathne, University of Bahrain (Mentor)

Review Committee:

Prof. Frank Schwartze, University of Cottbus, Germany

Prof. Sandeep Agrawal, University of Alberta, Canada

Prof. Koen De Wandeler, University of Leuven, Belgium

Prof. Kapila Silva, University of Kansas, USA

Prof. L S R Perera, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

Prof. Rohinton Emmanuel, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Prof. Sasanka Perera, South Asian University, India

Prof. Hooman Koliji, University of Maryland, USA

Prof. Luca Molinari, Faculty of Architecture, "L. Vanvitelli", Naples, Italy

Prof. Samuel Hammer, University of Boston, USA

Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa, SRI LANKA


National science Foundation, SRI LANKA



Department of Urban Planning, University of Alberta, Canada



Department of Architecture, KU Leuven , Belgium


Urbanism and Town Planning (LSO), University of Applied Science Lübeck, Germany


Department of Architecture and Interior Design,  University of Bahrain, Bahrain.





University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka -

Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa -

Urban Design Program-University of Moratuwa-


Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: 20th June, 2018

Confirmation of acceptance of Abstracts: within two weeks of receiving the abstract or latest 05th June, 2018

Full Paper submission: 15th July 2018

Peer Review Comments: 01st August, 2018

Final Paper submission (Camera Ready): 01st September, 2018

Conference dates: 05th – 06th October, 2018

Early bird registration for conference participants: 15th September 2018

Final date of Registration of paper presenters to be included in the Proceedings: 25th September 2018

Final registration deadline for other conference participants: 01st September 2018




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