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7th International Conference on Cities, People and Places (ICCPP-2019)

'Caring and Managing Cities':

Transforming futures

November 14th to 16th, 2019

Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka


The ‘UOM Lab- Centre for Cities’ and the Department of Architecture of the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka in collaboration with its international and national academic partners is proud to announce the seventh International Urban Design Conference on Cities, People & Places, will be held from November 14th to 16th, 2019, at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


As large conglomerations of people and built-structures in a dense geographical space, cities, to be livable and lovable, need to be continuously cared for, and managed. In fact, managing and caring for cities today have become ever more complex and demanding despite the fact that machines and digital intelligence have come to help in the most difficult of these tasks. Expertise, technology, systems, political will, participation, democracy, policies, cultural fusion and recognition of difference, and most significantly, governance and systems are key ingredients in such an uphill task.

Managing cities is a multi-faceted task because, divergent cities need specific approaches to address their issues. Add to it, the historical and contemporary process that make places come into being, exist and function differ from place to place.

Zoom in to the Asian cities, there are crucial urban issues at global level such as urban sprawl, poverty, growing urban slums, etc. impact on the cities tomorrow.

In relation to rapid growth of several Asian economies will give them a competitive advantage in handling new waves of urban migration. Accordingly, Asian cities aspire to have multicultural and cosmopolitan environments with developed cultural scene, mass of financial institutions, law firms, major corporations a strong media presence; a venue for major sporting events and a clean, healthy, and beautiful urban environment—with outstanding architecture, clean air, water, parks, and gardens like London, Paris and New York.

In order to succeed at becoming global centers, Asian cities will have to develop the right balance of strengths in "hardware" and "software"—something few of them realize. The problems of large-city urban governance are not trivial. There are technical and public financial issues going hand in hand such as urban planning, design and management of mass transport systems, and access to such renewable & non- renewable resources and ensuring that cities get access to the resources they need to provide services of acceptable quality. Other than that, the regional issues also influence that how does a city relate to the larger region in which it is located, and how can the relationship between the two be managed?

Since, the whole urban system is at a risk with a complex organizational challenge clueing that it cannot be solved through simple Band-Aid solutions or adding democratic processes to systems-based urban management solutions. Accordingly, engagement of technology and promotion of participatory urban governance are perhaps the key processes that should drive the new processes of managing such cities.

Therefore, the ICCPP-2019 invites those who are examining the nuances of processes of cities to propose confluences that address these complexities. Undeniably, Caring and Managing cities is one of the most resourceful in this unfathomable context.

The proposed sub themes include,

• Preservation of places of value; historical, cultural, and memorial

• Maintaining balance between the poor and the rich, commercial and public, residential and commercial,    highways and walkways, cars and people and greenery and the built.

• Up keeping the buildings roads, infrastructure, services.

•Creation and innovation of new spaces and places; culturally rich, technologically advanced, and   architecturally exciting.

• Caring for the people; poor, the rich, the children, the young and the old.

• Engagement of technology for management of cities

• Participation of people in urban governance

• Greening the city and sustainable management

• Managing cities to be livable and lovable

The conference invites other approaches to the central theme of dealing with the creation of caring and managing cities from economic, social, psychological, geographical and political or any other approach.

Paper proposals related to other humanistic and technological issues of the cities are also welcome.



Conference will take place in the city of Colombo - the capital of Sri Lanka which is undergoing rapid transformations and recently planned to turn into a mega city.

The venue: The Sri Lanka Foundation Institute which is one of the key conference and scientist’s event places located at the heart of the city, very close to all cultural activities and key places and offers glimpses of the Garden City envisaged by the Early Planners of Colombo.

For more information, please visit the following website of the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute. 



  • 15th November 2019: ICCPP2019 Inauguration: Evening event with a cultural show followed by a dinner
  • 16th November 2019: ICCPP2019 Conference Proceedings- Parallel Sessions- whole day
  • 17thNovember 2019: Post Conference Tours (Two tours offered) – whole day

'UoM Urban Lab''Center for Cities'


Department of Architecture, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka



Department of Urban Planning, University of Alberta, Canada



Department of Architecture, KU Leuven , Belgium


Urbanism and Town Planning (LSO), University of Applied Science Lübeck, Germany


Department of Architecture and Interior Design,  University of Bahrain, Bahrain.





Abstracts are now acceepted,
Deadline for Submission of Abstracts:
28th August, 2019


Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: 28th August, 2019

Confirmation of acceptance of Abstracts: within two weeks of receiving the abstract or latest 31st August, 2019

Full Paper submission: 10th September 2019

Peer Review Comments: 18th September, 2019

Final Paper submission (Camera Ready): 10th October, 2019

Conference dates: 15th – 16th November, 2019

Early bird registration for conference participants: 15th October 2019

Final date of Registration of paper presenters to be included in the Proceedings: 20th October 2019

Final registration deadline for other conference participants: 25th October 2019




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Dr. Janaka Wijesundara
(Conference Chair - ICCPP 2019)     
Department of Architecture,
University of Moratuwa.
Email: (Conference Secretariat)